Wedding favors are a lovely way to show appreciation to your guests for sharing in your special day. The best wedding favors are thoughtful, meaningful, and reflect the personality and style of the couple. Here are some top wedding favor ideas(Don't forget to personalize!):

1.Personalized Keepsakes: Items like custom keychains, engraved photo frames, or personalized ornaments are memorable and can be used as keepsakes for years to come.

2.Mini Succulents or Potted Plants: Small potted plants or succulents are not only charming but also environmentally friendly.

3.Edible Treats: Delight your guests with edible favors like mini jars of honey, jam, or olive oil, personalized chocolates, or homemade cookies.

4.Candles: Scented candles or custom candle holders are both elegant and practical gifts.

5.Mini Bottles of Wine or Champagne: These are perfect for a toast to your special day.

6.Customized Glassware: Wine glasses, shot glasses, or mason jars with the couple's names and wedding date make great keepsakes.

7.Seed Packets: Symbolize the growth of your love with packets of flower or herb seeds that guests can plant.

8.Tote Bags: Personalized tote bags are handy for carrying items home and can be reused.

9.Scented Soaps or Bath Bombs: Pamper your guests with luxurious bath products.

10.Donations to Charity: Make a charitable donation on behalf of your guests and provide them with a card or token to inform them.

11.Coffee or Tea: Create custom blends of coffee or tea with personalized packaging.

12.Miniature Photo Albums: Give guests a place to store their favorite wedding photos.

13.DIY Craft Kits: Provide guests with DIY craft kits, like making their own candles or bath salts.

14.Bookmarks: Personalized bookmarks are a thoughtful gift, especially if you and your partner are avid readers.

15.Luggage Tags: For destination weddings, luggage tags are both practical and on-theme.

16.Hand Fans: Perfect for outdoor or summer weddings, especially in warm climates.

17.Magnetic Save-the-Date Cards: These can serve as both a wedding favor and a reminder of your special day.

18.Custom Playing Cards: Guests can enjoy games while remembering your wedding.

19.Personalized Hand Sanitizers: Given the times we live in, personalized hand sanitizers can be a practical and thoughtful gift.

20.Local Specialties: If you're having a destination wedding, consider giving guests a taste of the local cuisine or culture, like small bottles of local wine or regional snacks.

Remember, the most meaningful wedding favors are those that reflect your personality as a couple and show your appreciation for your guests' presence on your big day. Personalization and thoughtfulness go a long way in making these tokens of gratitude truly special.